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Placenta Woman
“Placenta” = “Great Blessing given to Life.”JBP Directs the Great Blessing of Placenta forward to the Most Advanced Medical Technologies.
Placenta Woman
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Health and Wellness

By ingesting everyday, build up a healthy body

In order to bring the effectiveness of the placenta to everyday life, it is important not only to use it as a medical drug, but also to ingest it as a food.
These days, placentas are increasingly being produced as a dietary supplement.

Major pharmacological properties of JBP placental extracts

  • Autonomous nervous system adjustment effect (Adjust autonomous nervous system)
  • Internal secretion adjustment effect (Adjust hormones)
  • Immunostimulant effect (Enhance resistance to sickness)
  • Basal metabolism enhancement effect (Increase basal metabolism, and activate functions of cells, organs and internal organs)
  • Active enzyme elimination effect (Neutralize active enzymes and prevent oxidization)
  • Anti-inflammatory effect (Reduce inflammation)
  • Wound recovery promotion effect (Promote recovery of damaged tissues)
  • Anti-allergic effect (Suppress allergies)
  • Blood circulation promotion effect (Promote blood circulation)
  • Anti-mutation effect (Suppress mutation)
  • Blood pressure adjustment effect (Adjust blood pressure)
  • Soothing effect (Promotes recovery from fatigue)
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Placenta Woman

External Beauty

Topical application for skin whitening and toning

The placenta has very advanced beauty effects, such as the whitening of skin or the reduction of wrinkles, and for those purposes, placenta injections are performed. Therefore, the placenta is popular as a cosmetic ingredient, and is also used as an active ingredient in pharmaceutical cosmetics for whitening.

Efficacy of JBP placental extracts on skin

Suppresses the generation of the melanin pigment that causes age spots, and also removes age spots and dullness.
Moisture retention
The ability to retain moisture maintains moist skin for a long time.
Cell proliferation and reproduction
Enhances metabolism, normalizes turnovers and produces healthy skin.
Collagen generation
Supports collagen generation, which determines skin elasticity.
Blood circulation promotion
Promotes blood circulation and produces healthy, beautiful skin.
Antioxidation effect
Suppresses the occurrence of the active enzymes that cause aging.
Anti-inflammatory effect
Suppresses the inflammation caused by pimples, redness or itchiness, etc.
Anti-allergic effect
Adjusts and recovers the immune system, and suppresses allergic responses.
lmmunostimulant effect
Enhances immune system and produces strong, healthy skin.
Amino acid supplementation
Increases energy metabolism of skin cells, and supplies material for cell reproduction.
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JBP placenta Injections

Among the pharmaceutical products that use the placenta, it is perhaps the placenta injection that is most remarkable at the moment. With decades of results in treating impaired liver function etc., placenta injections achieve significant results, and represent a pharmaceutical product with very high reliability, showing no special side effects.

Clinical application

Internal medicine
hepatitis (viral type, alcoholic type), cirrhosis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, dyspepsia, duodenal ulcer, chronic ulcerative colitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, asthma, chronic bronchitis, anemia, chronic fatigue, habitual constipation, etc.
menopausal disorders, algomenorrhea, irregular menses, lactation disorders, hyperprolactinemia, etc.
prostate-gland enlargement, cystitis, hemorrhoids, etc.
arthritis rheumatoides, arthrosis deformans, arthritis, neuralgic pain, back pain, frozen shoulder, etc.
atopic dermatitis, eczema, dryness, underarm odor, flecks, freckles, wrinkles, sagging, pimples, etc.
corneal inflammation, allergic conjunctivitis, decreased vision, cataract, etc.
allergic coryza, Meniere's disease, hay fever, etc.
alveolar pyorrhea, gum disease, etc.
depression, nervous breakdowns, insomnia, etc.
fatigue, excessive sensitivity to cold, delicate constitution, recuperation during or after sickness, tonic effect, analeptic, prevention of colds, motivational inspiration, inspiration of mental strength for overcoming difficulties, etc.
Placenta Woman Placenta Woman

Management Company

jbp Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd.

With a good command of updated scientific technologies, JBP(Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. ), is the world leading company in the area of the placenta-based products where JBP is further responsible to solve the questions still pending as to the composition and mechanism of the placenta, and for the effective application of various features of placenta in the sphere of medical treatment, health and beauty culture.